On November 30, 2017, the Toronto Artscape Foundation hosted a one-of-a-kind gala evening honouring legendary city builders and their accomplishments.

Nearly 400 friends attended a gala evening celebrating the contributions of Mitchell Cohen, President of The Daniels Corporation, and Judy & Wilmot Matthews. These philanthropists and community-building champions have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to ensuring that arts and culture are woven into the fabric of urban development across Toronto.

Gallery Photos: Garrison McArthur

Mitchell Cohen

President of The Daniels Corporation

Artscape is pleased to be honouring Mitchell Cohen, an exceptional advocate for the arts who consistently works to ensure that the arts remain embedded within the fabric of Toronto. Through their support of organizations such as TIFF, Second Harvest and Toronto Community Housing, The Daniels Corporation has demonstrated a commitment to ensuring we all can live in vibrant, creative and healthy communities. To date, Mr. Cohen and the Daniels Corporation have collaborated with Artscape on two projects, Daniels Spectrum and Artscape Sandbox, both of which have made it possible for artists and arts organizations to animate and enrich Toronto’s neighbourhoods.

Artscape is excited to collaborate with Mr. Cohen and The Daniels Corporation in one of our most ambitious projects to date, Artscape Daniels Launchpad. As part of the Daniels City of the Arts development, Artscape, George Brown College, OCADu and other non-profits will have the opportunity to serve artists and community members through a creative innovation hub in the newly redeveloped East Bayfront. Mr. Cohen’s visionary leadership has and will no doubt continue to remain vital to a thriving, innovative and creative Toronto. 

Judy and Wilmot Matthews

The Matthews are committed city builders with a vision. Through their work they have ensured that Toronto’s public spaces and green spaces are cared for and culture remains at the heart of the city’s growth. They have made outstanding commitments to projects that make our city liveable and lively: Evergreen Brick Works, the Toronto Music Garden, the transformation of St. George Street and the University of Toronto and multiple Artscape community cultural hubs. Most recently, they have taken the lead in supporting The Bentway, a precedent-setting project transforming 1.75 kilometres under the Gardiner Expressway into an innovative public space.

The Matthews have pioneered a new type of philanthropy and community engagement, taking their responsibility as citizens seriously and making bold commitments to make our city a better place to live, work and create. On behalf of all the people that have been positively affected by their insight and generosity, we are excited to recognize them for all they have contributed to the City of Toronto.